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The Benefits of Fresh Shifts

Regardless of whether you are an employee, a manager or a business owner - the benefits of FreshShifts are many, and easy to see. We set out with a simple goal - save you time, energy and money. All the while, making your lives a lot easier.

Convenience. Simplicity.

Having to go in, or phone in on your day off just to find out your schedule is a pain! Not only that, but sometimes the schedule is so cluttered, and you're in a rush - it's easy to miss an entry.

With FreshShifts not only will you know for certain when a schedule is posted, but it will come right to you as a Text, an Email or as an automatic entry in your Smart Phone Calender.

Want to be notified 2 hours before every shift ? No problem! Need to request some time off? You can do that from your Smart Phone or any computer, as FreshShifts is available anywhere with an Internet connection. And your managers' response will come back to you just as easily.

This way, you can save your energy for when you are working, and keep your days off to yourself !